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Life is made of ever so many partings welded together. -Charles Dickens

WeldingWelding is a metal joining process that is used for joining two or more similar metallic workpieces (or thermoplastics) by the application of heat. It finds its application in a large number of industrial processes.

Welding can be done either by melting and solidifying metals or by the application of pressure and heat. The joint produced by welding is called ‘welded joint’ or simply ‘weld’. A good quality weld should have the same strength as that of the parent metal.

Many power sources can be used to perform welding. Some of the prominent power sources used are electric arc, gas flame, laser beam, electron beam, ultrasonic waves, electrical resistance etc.

The quality and lifetime of weld can be improved by providing after-treatment to the weld. High Frequency Impact Treatment (HiFIT) is an example of after-treatment provided to welded joints to improve their fatigue strength.

Filler metals may also be used to strengthen the welded joint. The usage of filler metal depends on the type of workpiece and the welding method used.

Welding can be used to produce five main joints. These joints can be sub-categorized. The five main welded joints are listed below:

  • Lap Joint
  • Butt Joint
  • Tee Joint
  • Edge Joint
  • Corner Joint

Types of welding:

Welding can be classified into two main types – Fusion welding and Pressure Welding. These two types have a large number of subtypes. The classification of welding is given below:

  1. Fusion Welding
    1. Based on the type of heat generation:
      • Arc Fusion Welding
      • Gas Welding
      • Resistance Fusion Welding
      • Laser Beam Welding
      • Electron Beam Welding
      • Liquid Metal Welding
      • Thermit Welding
    2. Based on Temperature:
      • High Temperature Fusion Welding
      • Low Temperature Fusion Welding
  2. Pressure Welding
    • Forge Welding
    • Electrical Resistance Welding
    • Ultrasonic Welding
    • Diffusion Welding
    • Friction Welding
    • Cold Pressure Welding
    • Pressure Arc Welding
    • Pressure Gas Welding

Robot Welding Animation

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