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This page is a continuation of How to assemble a universal joint [Tutorial] – Page 3.

Step 10 – Inserting the first shaft (Shaft A):

We have almost finished assembling the universal joint. We need to insert the shafts and shaft keys to complete the joint.

In this step, we insert the first shaft (Shaft A) into the shaft hole available in Fork A.

Step 10 - Universal Joint Assembly

Step 11 – Placing the first shaft key (Key A):

In this step, the first shaft key (Key A) is inserted into the keyway of Shaft A. This makes the universal joint rotate with the shaft.

Step 11 - Universal Joint Assembly

Step 12 – Inserting the second shaft (Shaft B) and shaft key (Key B):

Steps 10 and 11 are repeated for inserting the second shaft (Shaft B) and the second shaft key (Key B). See the image below for a good understanding.

Step 12 - Universal Joint Assembly

That is it :) We have successfully assembled a universal joint. The final assembly is shown below.

Universal Joint Final Assembly

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