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This page is a continuation of How to assemble a universal joint [Tutorial] – Page 1.

Step 4 – Placing the first collar (Collar A):

The first collar (Collar A) is placed around pin A in such a manner that the tapered hole in the pin aligns correctly with the tapered holes in the collar. Refer the image below for a good understanding:

Step 4 - Universal Joint Assembly

Step 5 – Inserting the first taper pin (Taper Pin A):

The positions of both collar A and pin A should be secured. The first taper pin (Taper Pin A) is inserted into the tapered holes of Collar A and Pin A for this purpose.

Step 5 - Universal Joint Assembly

Step 6 – Placing the second fork (Fork B):

Now we have assembled one set of components of the universal joint. Let us start assembling the other set.

We place the second fork (Fork B) over Hole B of the centre block. The holes in Fork B should be coaxial with Hole B of the centre block.

Step 6 - Universal Joint Assembly

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