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I have seen many people having a lot of confusions regarding the assembly of universal joint. In reality, assembling a universal joint is a piece of cake. Just follow this step by step tutorial to do it yourself easily :)

Note: In order to assemble a universal joint, you need to have all its parts. If you don’t have any idea about the parts of a universal joint, refer this article.

Important Note: The images of universal joint assembly shown in this tutorial are for illustrative purposes. Depending on the type of application, the shapes of the parts of universal joint may vary. However, the steps involved in assembling the joint remain similar :D

The steps in this tutorial are listed below:

  1. Taking the centre block
  2. Placing the first fork (Fork A)
  3. Inserting the first pin (Pin A)
  4. Placing the first collar (Collar A)
  5. Inserting the first taper pin (Taper Pin A)
  6. Placing the second fork (Fork B)
  7. Inserting the second pin (Pin B)
  8. Placing the second collar (Collar B)
  9. Inserting the second taper pin (Taper Pin B)
  10. Inserting the first shaft (Shaft A)
  11. Placing the first shaft key (Shaft Key A)
  12. Inserting the second shaft (Shaft B) and shaft key (Shaft Key B)

Step 1 – Taking the centre block:

The centre block forms the basic building structure of the universal joint. It contains two holes. Let us assume these holes as Hole A and Hole B as shown in the image below:

Step 1 - Universal Joint Assembly

Step 2 – Placing the First Fork (Fork A):

The first fork (Fork A) is placed over hole A of the centre block. The holes on the fork are made coaxial with hole A. Refer the image below for a clear understanding:

Step 2 - Universal Joint Assembly

Step 3 – Inserting the first pin (Pin A):

Once Fork A is placed in position, the first pin (Pin A) is inserted into Hole A. This secures the position of fork A.

Step 3 - Universal Joint Assembly

For the next step (Step 4), go to next page.

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