How to Design a Flat Belt Drive [Step-by-step Tutorial]

How to Design a Flat Belt Drive [Step-by-step Tutorial]

Hello there! Have you ever wondered how to solve design problems based on flat belts? This tutorial is for you. It explains flat belt design in a step-by-step manner. Read every step carefully for good understanding. For reading convenience, this tutorial has been split into four pages Solving Design problems based on Flat Belts: There [...]

Beam - Definition and Types

Beam – Definition and Types

A beam is a structural member used for bearing loads. It is typically used for resisting vertical loads, shear forces and bending moments. Types of Beams: Beams can be classified into many types based on three main criteria. They are as follows: Based on geometry: Straight beam – Beam with straight profile Curved beam – [...]

Gear - Introduction and Classification

Gear – Introduction and Classification

Gears (or cogs) are toothed wheels used for the transmission of power in many mechanical systems. When two gears are meshed with each other, a definite velocity ratio is obtained. Velocity ratio (or gear ratio) is the ratio between the angular velocity of driving gear and the angular velocity of driven gear. Gears are typically [...]

Worm Gear - Definition, Working & Applications

Worm Gear – Definition, Working & Applications

Worm gears are special gears used in rudders, automobile steering mechanisms, hoists and rolling mills. A worm gear drive consists of two elements: Driving element → Screw Driven element → Helical gear Driving element (screw) is called worm and driven element (helical gear) is called worm gear or worm wheel. Worm gear drives are typically [...]

Types of Constrained Motion in Kinematic Pairs

Types of Constrained Motion in Kinematic Pairs

In kinematic pairs, constrained motion (or relative motion) can be broadly classified into three types. They are Completely constrained motion Incompletely constrained motion Partially (or successfully) constrained motion 1. Completely constrained motion: Completely constrained motion is a type of constrained motion in which relative motion between the links of a kinematic pair occurs in a [...]

Kinematic Pair - Definition and Types

Kinematic Pair – Definition and Types

A kinematic pair is a combination of two kinematic links that have relative motion with respect to each other. When two links (or elements) in a machine are in contact with each other, they form a pair. When the relative motion between these two links is completely or partially constrained, then the links are said [...]