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A governor is a device that automatically regulates the mean speed of an engine within desired limits, whenever there is a variation of load. Without a governor, engine speed cannot be maintained properly.

This article has the following sections:

  1. Working of a governor
  2. Classification of Governors
  3. Working video of a Governor

Governor (device)

Working of a governor:

Consider a car moving on a road. The engine of the car is not subjected to a constant load. The load on the engine varies, depending on the operation of the car.

Because of the variation of load, there is always a variation in engine speed. If the speed of the engine is not regulated properly, it may become unstable. This adversely affects the life of the device loaded to the engine. In order to avoid such a scenario, a governor is used.

The working of a governor is quite simple. Whenever the speed of the engine decreases, the governor increases the fuel supply to the engine by opening the throttle valve. Whenever the speed of the engine increases, the governor decreases the fuel supply to the engine by closing the throttle valve. In this way, a governor easily regulates the mean speed of an engine.

In addition to regulation of mean speed, governors are also used to limit the top speed of an engine.

A governor’s working varies depending on its type.

Classification of Governors:

Governors can be classified into many types based on their mode of operation. A brief classification of governors is given below:

  1. Centrifugal Governors
    1. Gravity controlled governors
      1. Watt Governor
      2. Porter Governor
      3. Proell Governor
    2. Spring-loaded governors
      1. Hartnell Governor
      2. Wilson-Hartnell Governor
      3. Hartung Governor
  2. Inertia Governors
  3. Pickering Governors

Working video:

The following video explains how a centrifugal governor works and where a governor is applied:

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