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    I am looking to design a 20x30x10 box that will keep objects in it at a very cool temperature no matter what the external environment is (worse case scenario – Bright summer day in Rajasthan desert). To keep things cool in the box I was thinking of using whiskey stones or any other product with the same capabilities. I dont want to use ice since it can melt and dilute some objects and make it a mess overall.

    My question is related more to how to keep the interior of the box insulated and also how to repel most of the heat from the outside surface. I am planning on using MLI for insulation and maybe mirrors or alternative reflective material on the exterior surface. What do you think about it and can you give me any suggestions as to how I go about accomplishing this act?


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    I’m trying to give a comparative R-Value to a thin film insulation that is 12-20 mils (300-500 microns).

    Could it be done? is there a formula to estimate that?


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    You can find a formula for R-Value here:



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