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    The technology for power generation using geothermal energy is well established and numerous geothermal power plants throughout the world are currently generating electricity economically. Binary geothermal plants utilize a volatile secondary fluid such as isobutane, n-pentane, and R-114 in a closed loop. Consider a binary geothermal plant with R-114 as the working fluid that is flowing at a rate of 600Kg/s. The R-114 is vaporized in a boiler at 115 0C by geothermal fluid that enters at 1650C, and is condensed at 300C outside the tubes by cooling water that enters the tubes at 180C. The average heat flux based on the outer surface of the tubes can be taken to be 4,600W/m2. For this system specify:

    (a)The length of the tubes

    (b) The diameter of the tubes,

    (c) The number of tubes (d) The arrangement of the tubes, and

    (e)The layout of the plant including all components and piping. In addition, address the following questions:

    a. What is the fraction of the energy “wasted” for your system? Justify your answer

    b. What is the entropy generation for your system ?

    c. How would you go about meeting pertinent environmental regulations? State clearly and justify any assumptions you may choose to make. Present your work in a neat and well-organized fashion.


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    Thank you.

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