Lee-Kesler-Plocker equation of state (Excel version)


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    Looking for Lee-Kesler-Plocker equation of state software. Lee-Kesler is basic equation of state and LKP is for mixtures calculation. Best option would be program written in Excel.

    1. Does someone know for any program?

    Aspen is too expensive, Refprop is (as I’ve heard) not suitable for LKP…

    2. I’ve heard some universities are using those equations for their work or at least use them at teaching. Does someone know any university that do so?

    3. Is someone interested in writing that code in Excel exchange for money?


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    you may find examples for Lee Kesler in Excel,
    then, for Plocker, you need to modify mixing rule for Tc
    anyway, for Excel, there are thermodynamic libraries including Lee Kesler Plocker,
    I have Prode Properties, see http://www.prode.com for additional information and download the software :-)

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