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    Please note that these instructions are only for registered users. If you are an anonymous user, either ignore this topic or register and read this topic.

    Are you a new user? Are you confused about the User Interface of Don’t worry :)

    Just read the following instructions:

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    1) Go to
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    3) Type the same email that you used to create your account at
    4) Click get your gravatar.
    5) You will get a confirmation e-mail.
    6) Follow the instructions in your e-mail to access your gravatar account.
    7) In your gravatar profile, fill your instructions and upload a suitable avatar image of yourselves.
    8) That is it! You have successfully set your avatar here at :)

    If you already have a gravatar account, skip steps 2-6 above

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    Posting Topics and Replies:

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    An example can be found below:

    Gear Train

    You can also include any youtube video by simply inserting the embed code of the video in your topic or reply.

    A example youtube video is shown below:

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    Have a nice time in posting topics and replies :)


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