Heat exchanger energy equation and boundry conditions.. Help/advice needed


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    I am a student currently working on my master thesis, the subject of which is the design and analysis of a heat exchanger. Because of some delays, bad luck and the calculations not leading where we (my promotor and me) hoped they would I am running a bit behind…

    The design part of the heat exchanger is mostly done (using the LMTD method) so most of the aspects of the system are already known. The type of heat exchanger was chosen as simple as possible -> counterflow double pipe
    Through the inner tube flows a high temperature gas and through the outer pipe flows cooling water.

    The next step of the thesis is supposed to be an analysis using Fluent software and describing the process for this, which is if I’m not mistaking an application of the governing equations (momentum in 3 directions, COE and COM) and “assigning” boundary conditions.

    [B]This is where I’m having trouble at the moment, finding and applying the correct boundary conditions to the heat exchanger and the equations[/B]…
    So far I have:
    - Input and output conditions are know for both fluids
    - Assume fully developed flow for the inlet
    - Account for no-slip condition -> velocity boundary condition
    - Constant flux through the inner tube wall -> boundary condition (this was
    assumed for the calculations)

    Any help you can give me for this is very appreciated…

    Thanks in advance,


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