Everyday life items to be clean wood floors


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    Some owners complain clean wood flooring good trouble. In actual fact it, [url=http://choosenewdeck.com/new-deck/1878.html]applications of composite foam panel[/url]put some common items utilized, it can act as a clean floor with the preparation and cleaning no way inferior to professional products oh. Today small teach you to six strokes to clean wood floors.
    A method of cleaning the floor: The candle will burn the remaining candle accumulates, when to collect a certain amount, the minced remove the wick, saying the amount was added the same amount of turpentine in wax, placed in cold water containing impermeable pot boiling, make candles melt, [url=http://woodplasticflooring.com/solutions/6815.html]build a small fence for garden[/url]stir into the pot cool reserve. To make it easy to clean the floor and effort, before using floor wax can be a little hot. Cleaning the floor Method two: self-made lotion, soap in a large pot in the soft, fuller’s earth, soda each 450 g and 2270 ml of water are mixed thoroughly and boil them and boil to half its original volume, then cooled and stored cans in the back.
    This was with a stiff brush dipped brushing the stain on the floor, usually along the lines of the floor brush, and then washed with hot water and dried. Cleaning the floor three: salad, milk and tea Magical, wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil in the water, make the floor very bright. Or with sour milk, add a little vinegar, not only decontamination, but also to rub very bright. In addition, dirt paint on the floor, wipe the available tea juice. With burnt briquette ash wipe stains on the kitchen floor,[url=http://outdoorwpcfloors.com/wpc-floors/9968.html]recycled plastic wood cape town[/url] and then sprinkle a little vinegar in the mop to wipe the floor, it is easy to remove stains. Cleaning the floor four: concentrated alkaline degreasing, grease traces of oil on the floor and the like, can be boiled concentrated aqueous cleaning stone base, then covered with a synthetic bleaching earth and water dough on the stain, and maintain a cleaning at night, can be repeated if necessary.
    Cleaning the floor five: salt to egg stains, leaving egg on the floor track, you can sprinkle some salt in the egg sticking point, over 10-15 minutes after the sweeping, egg on the floor track is easy to remove. Cleaning the floor six: tape and cleaner to remove glass fragments, shards of glass scattered all over the floor very dangerous. If the naked eye can see,[url=http://timberoutdoordeck.com/wholesale-deck/929.html]wood for pontoon deck[/url] with regard to the adhesive tape stick together; if into a powder, wet cotton should pick up, or sprinkle some rice, which is glued together, and then to pick up the vacuum cleaner. On a glass floor can also be spread by rubbing block wet bar of soap, glass crumbs will stick to the soap bar, to keep it then scraped until it clears its conclusion.

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