Ethanol as alternative fuel


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    Guru Prasanth
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    Why don’t we use ethanol as an alternative fuel for petrol and diesel? Ethanol doesn’t pollute more than petrol or diesel….
    In foreign countries, they use ethanol. Why dont we use?………………


    Surjeet Sankararaj
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    Ethanol can be easily manufactured from sugarcane or corn.

    It is widely used in Brazil (the no. 1 producer of sugarcane) as an alternative fuel.

    In the United States, it is mixed with gasoline and used as gasohol.

    When compared to other fuels like petrol and diesel, ethanol is cleaner and cheaper to manufacture.

    However, if all vehicles in India are to use ethanol, huge quantities of sugar cane crops are needed. This will result in food scarcity. Hence, ethanol is not used as an alternate fuel in India.


    Guru Prasanth
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    We don’t have to use 100% of ethanol… We can mix 50% ethanol and 50% petrol… That will reduce fuel cost and emission…


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