Dry climates wood floor should pay attention to maintenance!


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    Summer, the weather is quite dry, the wood floor will be very prone to warping and other undesirable phenomena,[url=http://bestwpcforsale.com/blog/inexpensive-multi-purpose-outdoor-wpc-flooring.html]inexpensive multi-purpose outdoor wpc flooring[/url] often use the indoor air conditioning, the temperature is too low will also give the wood floor impact. Therefore, in dry weather, wood flooring must pay attention to their conservation.
    In order to maintain the essential oil and beautiful wood floors or wood flooring and extend the life of paint, new wood floor is best to use less oil and solid wax. After some low-quality oils sprayed on the surface of the floor will seep between the cracks in the floor, despite an increase in brightness, but it will go squish sound, [url=http://bestwpcforsale.com/blog/easy-to-install-balcony-flooring.html]easy to install balcony flooring[/url]but affect the results. And sprayed oil on the floor once stained with dust, difficult to handle. The role of essential oils wood floor is to make a good brightness.
    Waxing, solid wood flooring in its own natural texture, high durability get a lot of consumers. Wood floor had cracks, consumers should play a solid wood floor wax. Wood interior flooring often retained some moisture, wood floor dehydration shrinkage increases from the joint between the floor. At this time, marked with solid floor wax, will reduce the magnitude of expansion from the seam. Keep the air humidity, ground humidity outlook. We observed the indoor temperature is high,[url=http://bestwpcforsale.com/blog/beautiful-and-eco-friendly-wpc-decking.html]beautiful and eco-friendly wpc decking[/url] the air is dry, the humidity should be increased, as in the interior basin of water, can also use a humidifier; rain for a long time, the air humidity should be ventilation window.
    Wood floor like the temperature below 28 ℃, humidity 50% -60%. If the natural humidity reach, we recommend using a humidifier humidifier. Deformation of the floor, once the individual wood floor deformation,[url=http://bestwpcforsale.com/blog/affordable-outdoor-flooring.html]affordable outdoor flooring[/url] deformation should be considered the causes and laying methods (stitches or gluing) timely repair or replacement. Pay attention to maintenance, please do not pay attention to cigarettes, stoves and heaters placed directly on the wooden floor to prevent burn-out spot and burning fire. Do not soy sauce, wine and beverage pH solvents or chemicals spilled on the wooden floor.


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    If you want to avoid the wooden floor long-term stampede wear, a long time to keep the wood floor shiny bright, it is necessary to clean the floor after a layer of wood floor wax maintenance agent. Note that the wood floor must be completely dry and then wax, so wax layer can not be completely attached to the wood floor, but the wood floor a little bit of white spots. Wood floor waxing, then recommended twice a year like, and usually can use the floor oil care, a lot of supermarkets have sold the wood floor oil.If leakage occur then call Slab Leak Detection guys.They will provide better service than plumber.

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