Career in production engineering or design engineering?


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    whether production eng. field is better or design eng. am having more confussion regarding this Towards which field i may go and pls explain me what are the fields available to enter if we complete mechanical engineering


    Surjeet Sankararaj
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    Question 1: Which is better? Production engineering or design engineering? Towards which field I may go?

    This is a question asked by many mechanical engineers. Both production engineering and design engineering have their own ups and downs. If a person has good creativity skills, he has to go for a career in design. If a person has good knowledge about industrial processes, he has to go for a career in production engineering. In general, Design engineers get more salary (remuneration) when compared to production engineers because design engineering requires a person to be more creative and innovative.

    Question 2: What are the fields available to enter if we complete mechanical engineering?

    Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest branches of engineering. If you complete a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, you can enter a large no. of fields. Some of them are:

    1. Automobile engineering
    2. Aeronautical engineering
    3. Mechatronics
    4. Energy Engineering
    5. Manufacturing Engineering
    6. Design Engineering
    7. CAD/CAM
    8. Thermal Engineering
    and many more…

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