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    Bruce Hammerson
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    Hello mechteacher forum member,

    I’m new here, just joined this forum to share a plenty of knowledge about mechanical engineering concepts with you all. I myself work as a mechanical engineer in a USA firm as a part time employee. My company deals with Hydraulic Hammers for excavators. Thank you for having me here. I’ll post tips and tricks to improve the performances of machine. Stay tuned!


    Surjeet Sankararaj
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    Hello there, Bruce Hammerson, nice to have you here! Update your profile information for a professional look. As you are a new to our forums, I have to tell you this forum rule. Linking to your website in each of your topic or reply will be considered as spam. You can however, include a link to your website in your profile.

    We, the forum members at are expecting a lot of information from you. I hope you will have a good time in sharing information in our forums :)

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