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Fluid is a substance that is capable of flowing.Fluid It has no definite shape of its own. It assumes the shape of its container. Liquids and gases are fluids.

Types of Fluids:

Fluids can be classified into four basic types. They are:

  1. Ideal Fluid
  2. Real Fluid
  3. Newtonian Fluid
  4. Non-Newtonian Fluid

1. Ideal Fluid:

An Ideal Fluid is a fluid that has no viscosity. It is incompressible in nature. Practically, no ideal fluid exists.

2. Real Fluid:

Real fluids are compressible in nature. They have some viscosity.

Examples: Kerosene, Petrol, Castor oil

3. Newtonian Fluid:

Fluids that obey Newton’s law of viscosity are known as Newtonian Fluids. For a Newtonian fluid, viscosity is entirely dependent upon the temperature and pressure of the fluid.

Examples: water, air, emulsions

4. Non-Newtonian Fluid:

Fluids that do not obey Newton’s law of viscosity are non-Newtonian fluids.

Examples: Flubber, Oobleck (suspension of starch in water)

Fluid Flow Animation Video

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